I'm Madeline Johnston, a blogger, green tea drinker, self-confessed geek and smoothie enthusiast. I reside in Tasmania, Australia, where I am studying for my Bachelor Degree in History and English. As the daughter of Threadbare Creations' Rose Johnston, I have always been encouraged to be creative. So, when I'm not studying, I am creating smoothie recipes, writing, cooking desserts and doing DIY projects.

'Pocket Trinkets' was created as an outlet to share my array of recipes and DIY projects. The title refers to the fact that I strongly believe life is so much better once you discover the trinkets and treasures that each day has to offer. This is my philosophy in life: to find and appreciate the small things in life, instead of obsessing over things that don't matter. This came about after struggling with my weight for years and becoming obsessed with the number on the scale. I am determined to remind others that your bodyweight is not a reflection of who you are, how you enjoy life and your worth.

I also contribute at Fat Girl Food Squad and Sci-Fi Bloggers.


Sci-Fi Bloggers:

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