Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Invaders Web Series: Angie's Logs

When I was contacted by Mark Cabaroy, the writer and direct of The Invaders: Angie's Logs, to promote this wonderful web series, I jumped at the chance. This is an incredible, comedic and cute web series that I am so glad to help promote on this blog.

The Story
Eight year old Angie Martinez is recording another episode of her You Tube show "The Angie Show" when she witnesses the beginning of an alien invasion of an unsuspecting planet Earth. For a while things are looking bad for the world but when Angie gets involved things start looking worse for the Invaders.

The Invaders web-series "Angie's Logs" is a live action comedy sci fi web-series in the vein of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which chronicles the adventures of eight year old Angie Martinez and her teenage babysitter Beth Adleman as they attempt repel an alien invasion of Earth from all powerful, unseen, other worldly beings. With the help of her teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles, a cardboard space ship Angie has made out of a discarded refrigerator appliance box and her home made laser gun ( a phased plasma pulse weapon in the 40 watt range) she will wage war against impossible odds with the fate of the world in the balance. Put on your Captain Blasto space helmet, and fasten you seat belts it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Director’s statement:
I wanted to do a web series that was fun to watch. Something easy to look at even if it was hard to make. I’ve always loved film series like: Back to the Future and Men in Black, with their pseudo-science and wacky over the top characters. It was in the spirit of these films that I decided to make The Invaders Web Series: Angie’s Logs. 

When I first started developing the project I had an ensemble of characters broken into two groups, whom each witness and subsequently react to the arrival of the Invaders in different ways. As they went about trying to warn people of the coming invasion, they were also doing their best not to get killed or captured.

When my producer, Marti Davis, and I started developing the show we realized what a huge undertaking it would be to produce a reoccurring episodic show on that scale with little or no money. So we decided to take one of the characters and tell her origin story, similar to Batman Begins, in order to build an audience. 

This became Angie’s Logs, it would tell the story of The Invaders from the perspective of an eight year, old mixed descent (Hispanic and African American) girl, Angie Martinez, as she witnesses the arrival of an alien invasion that starts literally in her own backyard. The idea is to show Angie vlogging (video blogging) on her YouTube channel, “The Angie Show”, with her stuffed bear cohost, Mr. Snuggles. 

Since YouTube, along with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flicker have become such an integral part of our digital lives, I thought why not parody their use as well as use them as a distribution platform. This would also allow us to have Angie break the fourth wall and talk, when necessary, directly to the audience, similar to Matthew Broderick in the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 

Check out the first, second and third episode. Visit the website, as well as subscribe to the Youtube Channel, Facebook Page and Twitter.


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