Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day Out With The Family

As it was a surprisingly sunny and beautiful summer day, my mum, dad, little brother and I headed out for lunch at Longford, Tasmania, and for a nice walk in the lovely fresh air in both Longford and Perth, Tasmania.

Firstly, we had lunch at a wonderful cafe called 'JJ's Old Mill Cafe and Bakery'. We had a delicious Sweet Chilli Pizza, Ham and Cheese Bread Fingers, Sausage Rolls and a Plantation Pizza. Oh! And I had my amazing green tea served in a cute little teapot! The cafe also has an array of slices and little treats, other yummy pastries and milkshakes.

After lunch we decided to have a walk around the town.

We ended up at the old Church and the cemetery.

The Christ Church is a beautiful old, sandstone building. It was constructed between 1839 and 1844, but the tower wasn't completed until 1960. For more information on this beautiful church click here. We walked through the cemetery as well, looking at its layout and appreciating how the gravestones were made.

After walking around Longford, we decided to go to this cute little spot in Perth under the bridge. I would definitely love to come back here with a picnic or some green tea.

It was definitely a wonderful day; spending time together as a family whilst appreciating a few of the beautiful spots around Tasmania. I love spending time with my family, as we are incredibly close.

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