Thursday, 30 January 2014

Guest Post: DIY Scrapbook Cover

There are so many reasons why I love Twitter, but the main reason is the fact that I am able to talk with a number of interesting, talented and creative people. I was fortunate to begin talking to the creators of Geeky Chiquitas, three very talented young women. And they have provided you all with this wonderful tutorial for a Scrapbook Cover.


Lots of people keep scrapbooks so that they can keep their precious memories in one place. Some of them have a hard time deciding what their cover should look like and when they do decide on one, they have a hard time making it. We have created a pretty but easy to make cover for any scrapbook you'd like. 

The materials we used for this DIY are fairly easy to acquire, so anyone can make it! 

- Scrapbook
- Assorted Pens
- Colored markers
- Colored Papers
- Washi Tapes
- Sissal Mat

Kimi, Beryl and Audrey over at Geeky Chiquitas are a beautiful group of bloggers - their posts are entertaining, interesting and definitely well written. I urge you all to go over to their blog and check them out, and also add them to your Twitter at @Geekychiquitas.


  1. Aww thank you for having this up and giving us the opportunity to write a guest blog! It's our first time to do this! :)

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