Monday, 27 January 2014

The Best Coconut Slice

Once again, I must apologise for my absence. I have been incredibly busy: getting other posts ready for other blogs, submitting an application to potentially work at an online magazine as a contributor (cross your fingers for me!), and some other writing-related activities. On Saturday I volunteered at my local Red Cross Retail Store, and then I went to watch some fireworks with my best friends before going out for the night. Then on Sunday, Australia Day, I went fishing with my family (photographs coming soon!) This means that I had no time to do Smoothie Sunday as I was out the door by eight o'clock.

So, to make it up to you guys, I am sharing my absolute favourite recipe of all time.

This, without a doubt, is the best coconut slice recipe that you will ever try. Once upon a time, when I was an overweight high school student, I would make this slice because it was the only delicious thing that I knew how to make. Now, I only have this slice every now and then, and in moderation I might add! But I promise you that you will not be disappointed with this slice.

I hope that you guys enjoy this recipe. It is simple and easy. Also, don't forget to contact me once you have tried it, and send me a picture with the end result! (You can find out how to email me by going to my 'Contact' page.)

Ingredients for the Base

125g of Butter
1/2 Cup of Brown Sugar, firmly packed
1 Cup of Coconut (desiccated is better, however, all I had was shredded and that still worked nicely)
1/2 Cup of Plain Flour
1/3 Cup of Self-Raising Flour
1tbsp of Cocoa
1 Egg

Ingredients for the Icing:

1 Cup of Icing Sugar
1tbsp of Cocoa
1tbsp of Milk

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

2. Melt butter over light heat or in a microwave.

3. Stir in sugar, coconut, sifted flours and cocoa, then egg.

4. Spread mixture over base of a 28cm x 18cm tin (I couldn't find one this size, but made do with this one. If your tray is bigger, don't worry, it doesn't have to touch the sides of the tin as it doesn't spread whilst cooking).

5. Bake for 20 minutes.

6. Whilst the slice is baking, prepare the icing by sifting the icing sugar and cocoa into a bowl, then slowly stir in the milk to make a thick paste.

7. Once the slice is cooked, take it out of the oven and immediately spread with the icing.

8. Sprinkle the slice with extra coconut.

9. Place into the fridge until cool, and cut into bars. (It is best to store the slice in the fridge.)

I hope you guys enjoy this wonderful, tasty slice recipe; trust me when I say that your friends and family will absolutely love you for making this.

Lastly, watch out for this week because you guys are in store for a wonderful surprise on Thursday!

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