Thursday, 19 December 2013


Welcome to Pocket Trinkets!

My name is Madeline Johnston, and I have created this blog to share my recipes (especially smoothies and desserts, though expect an amazing shortbread recipe soon!), DIY projects (such as jewellery and various ideas for mason jars), beautiful discoveries and adventures. Additionally, Pocket Trinkets will be used to discuss important issues and topics that affect young women today, especially body image.

The title of this blog refers to the small things in life. Life is so much better once you discover the trinkets and treasures that each day has to offer. We often fall victim to becoming so concerned with things that don't matter, and I am no stranger to that. I was once obsessed with the number on the scale defining me, however, after realising how dangerously consuming it was, I am now focusing on living a more balanced lifestyle (this will definitely be a future blog post).

You can follow me on various other social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

I hope you are able to find something here that interests you, and maybe attempt some of the recipes or DIY projects that are posted. 



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    1. Thank-you, hun! I got the design from the amazing Miss Audrey Sue Designs: There are some beautiful layouts there :)